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Rear bench install 2006 Boston Whaler Montauk 170
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Posted on 12/02/17 - 11:40 AM

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Where would you mount this aft bench seat in a Montauk 170?

I found a rear aft bench from a 2004 Boston Whaler Montauk 170 owner who sold it to me. From what I understand from Boston Whaler, 2004 is the only year they made this style bench for the 170, afterwards they made an aft bench seat larger and with a swinging backrest (similar to the console seat).

The 2004 bench seat I have is built with metal supports and has metal plates you mount on the floor. My dilemma is how far towards the stern to mount the plates / bench? If I mount it too far back it impedes the motor tilt. Mounting it too far forward and there's not much foot room. I've posted a picture to give you an idea. Based on the wood diagram it looks like I have enough wood forward and back to mount it in either position.

tamalpais09 attached the following image:

Edited by tamalpais09 on 12/02/17 - 11:45 AM
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Posted on 12/03/17 - 3:40 AM

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One of my ideas is to mount the bench forward enough to allow the outboard to tilt enough for me to get a m-y wedge or something similar for trailering. That way I don't have to undo the bench to trailer. The boat is stored out of the water so I don't usually need to fully tilt the engine. In the event I need to fully tilt the engine the bench is removable with hand screw knobs. Is that logic sound?

tamalpais09 attached the following image:

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Posted on 12/03/17 - 4:21 AM

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I like the bench! Nice find.

Personally, I would want it mounted as far aft as possible so as not to limit deck space too much.

One idea might be to use a track instead of the fixed mount system. Then it would simply slide forward to allow the engine to tilt. Or possibly a hinge that allows it to flip forward. The advantage to flipping forward would be you could fold it forward for storage and help protect it from the elements.

But if you want to keep it simple, with the quick-release knobs you can always remove it from whatever position you choose to allow for full engine tilt.

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Posted on 12/03/17 - 4:47 AM

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Thanks! I think the bench is kind of a unicorn haha. The newer benches looked great, but were expensive and heavy. I talked to one owner who said the Montauk sat noticeably lower in the water with the new aft bench.

Great ideas. I agree with you in trying to keep it as aft as possible. I especially like your hinge idea. Will have to think about who can machine a bracket hinge like that.

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Posted on 12/03/17 - 4:57 AM

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You might be able to find a strap-style heavy-duty gate hinge that would do the trick. Probably not in stainless, but if it worked as intended at least you'd have a template for a stainless fabricator.

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Posted on 12/03/17 - 10:27 AM

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I think the bench might be nice. I have a 2005 Montauk 170, and the jump seats are never used except to board the boat from a dock., or idiling along. For me it would get in the way.
If used, it will put a lot of weight in the back of the boat, making planing more difficult.
If placed in the farthest aft posiition where the engine cowling hits it, there is one situation you might consider.
While running at speed, an impact, by the motor hitting an obstruction could slam the engine into he back of the seat. Damage or injury, who knows?
This is a situation which occurs frequenly for some and never for others. Your call!

There are reasons that option was discontinued. Usually they are economic, as it did not sell.

Good Luck!

(fixed abbreviated year per guideline #1 at the top of this page)

Edited by Joe Kriz on 12/06/17 - 3:13 PM
Phil T
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Posted on 12/06/17 - 1:51 PM
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Remember, when trailering, you only need to tilt the motor up enough to leave sufficient ground clearance.

You don't want to tilt it so it is all the way up.

Use a my-wedge or homemade support between the engine and transom.

1992 Outrage 17, 1992 Evinrude 115
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