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Old Blue 13' smirk
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Posted on 11/07/17 - 8:46 PM
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I was wondering if anybody could tell me how many blue interior smirk hulls were made before they switched to desert tan. Surely there must be some information when they introduced to new hull design and maybe what the first stencil number was. It would be nice to know if they are rare or very common. You know like they do cars, limited production model. Since I've had mine, i noticed that a lot of then have had the transom modified to 20". Furthermore, when they switched to 20" transoms did they make any blue interior hulls?

tom blinstrub
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Posted on 11/08/17 - 2:49 AM
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I worked at the Rockland Plant in 1973 and the hulls were tan but we made several for the overseas market that had the 15" transom and were tan.

Joe Kriz
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Posted on 11/08/17 - 11:37 AM
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Too many to count.

There are more models here if you want to view others.

The 50th Anniversary 13' also had a blue interior in the photo below.

Joe Kriz attached the following image:

Joe Kriz -
1977 Montauk 17'
Joe Kriz
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Posted on 11/08/17 - 3:00 PM
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I missed the "Smirk", my fault.

1971 was a transition from Smirkless to Smirked.
1971 ................. 2A5601 thru 2A7800 (Don't know total for smirk in 1971)

1972 were all blue and Smirked
1972 ................. 2A7801 thru 2A9999 (2198 total for 1972)

Can't tell you how many of the 1971 were Smirked or not other then what we have in the links I gave you above.
2A5320 was one of the last 1971 Smirkless hulls in a series.
However, 2A6619, 2A6648 seems to be mingled in there among others for 1971 Smirkless hulls that are also shown.
The last Smirkless we show is 2A7124

2A5777 is one of the first Smirk hull that we show in 1971.

2A7480 is the first 1972 hull and the last listed is 2A9397 which would equal (9397-7480) = 1917 smirked hulls for 1972
Probably a lot more than that in reality.

Joe Kriz -
1977 Montauk 17'
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Posted on 11/08/17 - 6:27 PM
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So I'm looking through some of the links you provided and a couple more and see that you have posted some of the catalogs for Whalers in past years. The guy that sold me my 1971 included a lot of Whaler brochures and price sheets for that year. Is that something that you guys may be interested in? There is a 1971 post card introducing the Sourpuss being pulled by a Wagoneer. i also have a rail instalation guild for a Sourpuss.

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