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Leaving my 1983 whaler outrage in the water
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Posted on 10/12/17 - 3:19 AM
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So I've had my 1983 25 foot outrage for about eight years and I have been trailering it and now I'm deciding to maybe leave it in the water my question is the Four Bilge areas that self drain is there a way to pump these areas out? I would appreciate someone that leaves their boat in the water to give me some advice on that thank you

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Posted on 10/24/17 - 1:14 PM

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Revenges had a bilge pump at the rear on starboard and I think the Outrages had it as an option. I dont know if the wiring is already there for Outrages, but I believe the wires are brown and purple for bilge pumps.

Since your boat has lived its life on a trailer, but if you are considering leaving it in the water for extended periods of time, you need to have it barrier coated and bottom painted. The gelcoat and fiberglass will not hold up without it.

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Posted on 11/01/17 - 9:15 PM

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I often read about the ill effects of leaving a Boston Whaler in the water without a barrier coat, My 1991, 17' Montauk has spent its entire seasonal life, May 1 through October 31, either on a mooting or slip in Cape Cod waters. The boat is bottom painted, the only growth or negative issue I've ever experienced is barnaclles on the transom saver block for my transducer, and a slight scum line from the stern towards the bow that starts at approximately a half inch wide and tapers to nothing. This line is easlily removed with a sponge and saltwater, this wouldn't even occur but I've never liked the way bottom paint looked on the side of a boat, my bottom paint is only applied to the bottom and extends vertically at the transom to meet the directional change of the hull. The boat does not appear to have taken on any water weight, and the gel coat still shines like a new penny with only minimal attention. I may be missing something but for a boat approaching her 30th birthday, it's holding up pretty well.

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Posted on 11/02/17 - 6:34 AM

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Barrier coat is inexpensive insurance and much cheaper/easier to apply than treating osmotic damage to your hull.

Of course some folks who did not apply barrier coat have not had a problem but many folks have had problems, thus Boston Whalers recommendation.

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Posted on 11/04/17 - 1:38 AM

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Be sure to know the moisture content of the area you plan to barrier coat, prior to application, as you will create far more problems, vs solved, without this information. Only a properly calibrated moisture meter or a laminate profile will provide the necessary information.

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