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Trailer troubles for my 1995 Dauntless dc
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Posted on 08/07/17 - 6:23 AM

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I have to pull my boat out of the water for the first time today. As a first-time boat owner I'm a little bit antsy about it. I had to rebuild the trailer the boat came on because it just didn't fit the boat. The rollers didn't make contact and the bunks seem to be in the wrong position. I've cut off 20 + bolts and replaced the bunks and a whole bunch of u-bolts.
I don't know if there's an answer but is there anyway to assure that the boat is going to fit properly or at least as close as possible without putting the boat on the trailer. I would like to be ready to go and do as many adjustments as possible before attempting the haul out. I've got to pull the boat out of the river and the current will be ripping so that's adding to my angst and I was just wondering if there was a method two laying out a new trailer for a specific boat. Thanks in advance and I appreciate all the help you guys have been to first time boat owner who's also just about ready to receive his senior discount

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Posted on 08/07/17 - 9:38 PM

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Have a What a tough day. I thought I had the rollers, bunks and everything in order but couldn't be that lucky. NOW I'm not sure what to do but the boat is not on the trailer correctly. I guess I need to launch it again and then adjust things. IDK but going it alone proved to be a mistake. Live and learn I hope.
C'est la vie

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Posted on 08/08/17 - 5:54 AM
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I do not believe you will have much luck adjusting the trailer without the boat on it. If you can get the keel on at least the front roller and the bow is snug up against the winch bump stop, you should be able to use a floor jack or bottle jack with a combination of blocks to get high enough and lift on the keel using a 2X4 to spread the load out and basically support the boat allowing you to lean it to one side or the other with a slight support system such as another few 2X4's to adjust the bunks. You should be able to use the floor jack with a sideways orientation and even move the stern port to starboard until you are centered on the keel rollers. I am sure others will weigh in with opinions on this, but you can go to you tube and see people moving boats around on the trailer and even removing a boat from a trailer with no damage using just a set of jacks, jackstands, cinder blocks, etc. It is kind of amazing what you can accomplish with a 2nd set of hands and the laws of physics if you really think it out.

Jim G.

Phil T
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Posted on 08/08/17 - 6:19 AM
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In addition to Jim's comments.

Typically many owners make trailer adjustments in the ramp parking lot. Splashing the boat, adjust, haul out, repeat.

The problem is it now is high season in MA and not easy to do unless it is very late evening. The ramp location is dicey with cross currents for a novice.

If you don't have a floor jack, Lowes or HD have them, 1 ton, ~$50.

1992 Outrage 17, 1992 Evinrude 115
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Posted on 08/10/17 - 9:17 PM

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Thanks for the advice Jim and Phil. Using a combination of floor and bottle jacks I was able get the boat off the trailer and get the boat centered on the roller. I'm assuming the bunks need to be straight so I'm going to move the bunks so that they are supporting the outside edges of the boat. I plan in using a Jack to raise the bunks so the weight of the boat is split 50/50 bunks and rollers. Should I tighten down the bolt that allows the bunks to accommodate the shape of the hull or just leave them loose enough move. I also have to move the winch assembly back a bit more and raise it a bit so the bow is tight to the roller at the winch. The hull is also not resting on forward low roller and the boat needs to move forward. The winch doesn't seem to want to pull the boat any further. Is that because the winch lacks the omph to pull an 1995 Dauntless or is it simply because im high and dry and there's to much friction? I feel like using my truck to pull the boat forward a bit but I'm not sure that's a good idea. Phil your not kidding about high season in MA. The ramps are like Zoo's and finding a spot to park is a battle. Thanks again guys and I do realize how little sense my post makes.

Phil T
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Posted on 08/11/17 - 7:17 AM
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If you have keel rollers (not wobble rollers) the boat weight should sit on that and the bunks only support the boat side to side.

Set the keel rollers then adjust the bunks.

Like this:

Set the boat on the rollers first. This will make it easier to move forward.

Do you have any photos?

Edited by Phil T on 08/11/17 - 7:17 AM
1992 Outrage 17, 1992 Evinrude 115
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Posted on 08/11/17 - 11:32 AM

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Thanks Phil. Looks like im have trouble uploading pic. Im not sure why but i get prompted to choose a file and thats as far as i get. Im just going to go with your advise and look at the link you provided. IDK but now i dont even gave a chose file option. Oh well. I guess I gotta get er done so that will be the task for safernoon.

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