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Outrage 18 restoration on TV show
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Posted on 05/12/17 - 4:43 PM
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I thought I'd share this Classic Boston Whaler Outrage 18 restoration that was on a TV Show that some may not get in their areas. The name of the show is Florida Sportsman Project Dreamboat, and to say they restored the Outrage 18 is an understatement. The shop actually made numerous modifications, that although nice, honestly take away from the classic Whaler look. I will let you all be the judge, I'm posting links to the episodes in order along with the time where the Whaler coverage begins in case you don't want to watch the other non Whaler related projects. Enjoy.

By the way, I have no affiliation with this show or with any of the producers.

Start at 13:17

Start at 1:22

Start at 3:48

Start from the beginning, or 1:22 to miss the show opening

Start at 17:12

I'd be interested to hear your comments on some of the "Outrageous" modifications they made to this classic boat.

Edited by holy_crap on 05/12/17 - 4:48 PM
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Posted on 05/12/17 - 7:25 PM

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Wow, I do not like the way they butchered that boat up.

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Posted on 05/12/17 - 8:06 PM
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lewain wrote:
Wow, I do not like the way they butchered that boat up.

They definitely changed a few things. Not crazy about the monotone albino look.

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Posted on 05/13/17 - 5:49 AM
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I'm speechless.


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Posted on 05/13/17 - 7:14 AM
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First let me say thanks for sharing link as I enjoyed seeing the project. I think the boat came out great ! That being said, the customer was not interested in keeping things factory original ( everyone has their opinion ) I like seeing how others modify there boats and make things better or to their liking. I have gotten several ideas over the years seeing how others have modified things. The rear splash well wall removal freed up floor space and gave other options that the boat was not capable of, console has easier access with possibly more storage . Whether any of these modifications comprised the hull integrity is probably debatable and time will tell. Whaler is still one heck of a well built boat that can be heavily modified and still do most anything asked of it !

Edited by todd12 on 05/13/17 - 7:19 AM
Phil T
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Posted on 05/13/17 - 3:40 PM
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If you want a bilge, no splashwell and a built in cooler with a different console, sell the Outrage 18 and buy another model, not get someone to hack up a perfectly good boat needing some maintenance.

If the boat is a goner, that's different.

Edited by Phil T on 05/16/17 - 5:57 PM
1992 Outrage 17, 1992 Evinrude 115
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Posted on 05/13/17 - 10:47 PM
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I'm grossed out. The guy who runs that operation is an egomaniac and buffoon and is clueless regarding his understanding of Boston Whalers, and good boat design and marine engineering in general. The design elements of the stuff he put in are an abomination and a bunch of homemade junk. And then he PAINTS the whole thing. How long will that last before it starts chipping and peeling off? I feel badly for the customers, who also evidently don't have a clue as to what they paid for. I'd say they really got taken for a ride.

We've all seen it before - homemade changes to a classic Whaler, essentially dstroying their value, by people who think they are design experts, but in reality have no idea what good design looks like.

Another good Whaler bites the dust. It seems to be hapening every day as the boats get older.

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Posted on 05/16/17 - 5:03 AM

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After my initial reaction. What do you guys think about the way they sealed up the fuel tank. I just changed out the fuel tank in my 1997 Outrage 17.
I think about water intrusion and can see this as somthing to think about. However, it would make replacing the tank again a little tougher.

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Posted on 05/16/17 - 5:45 AM
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I think it's a mistake. As a marine engineer of 30 years, I will tell you that the bain of our existence in the field is when the design engineers have built something with no forward thinking when it comes to accessibility for future maintenance/replacement.

With respect to the design of the original 18 Outrage, I have the humility to recognize that Mr Dougherty knows more than I do. Without knowing his reasons or intent for configuring as he did, we are making a mistake when we change it without asking why. Seeing as we can no longer ask him, LEAVE IT ALONE!

This was one of his favorite designs in a long, successful career. If you change it and then take it out in rough weather, the loss in $ value may be the least of your worries..


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Posted on 05/16/17 - 4:05 PM

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I'm not a lawyer but I'm sure there were several federal laws violated during this project. I also think we have to notify the Coast Guard. LOL!!!!
All jokes aside, I agree with Phil T. If you want that kind of boat - there are plenty boats out there with all the bells and whistles, no need to molest perfect American icon.
I also was scratching my head when they glassed the new fuel tank (fiber glass/ resin doesn't stick to metal). That's going to be a bitch when you have to remove it next time. Why not use poly tank and be done forever?
Final question: is the boat owner going to recover the $10K if he decides to sell the boat? What's the value of that boat now?

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Posted on 05/17/17 - 7:14 AM
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The 10K was just for the fuel tank and related work. That lady spent a whole lot more than that for that project.

Walter Reynolds
1973 Boston Whaler 19 2003 Suzuki DF140
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Posted on 05/17/17 - 10:38 AM
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At least he didn't apply a Boston Whaler logo to the side as it isn't really a Whaler any longer and I was amazed about his comment that the boat wasn't sea worthy when she brought it to his shop.
like to sea it 10 years from now to sea if it holds up as good as when she brought it in.

Skipper E-J
m/v "Clumsy Cleat" a 2008 Montauk 150
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Posted on 05/17/17 - 5:06 PM

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Thanks for the extended post holy_crap: I learned a lot about fiberglass products and hull painting...
She could have bought a little used, much newer Whaler in excellent condition, for what she spent...

Edited by RoundPonda on 05/17/17 - 5:15 PM
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