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Trailer Tires: when is it time to replace?
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Posted on 07/09/11 - 9:47 AM

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Less load, less air pressure. Okay, seems reasonable. Seems most (if not all manufacturer's) have inflation tables based on tire loads though you gotta search for the information. Does anyone actually use the tables for their rigs based on real-world known loads? I'll bet the reality is they're far and few between. No wonder its seems trailer tire failure is such a common issue on various marine and RV related forums.

Mine is pretty easy. I know my loads are relatively close (about 90% of) to the maximum rated load for the tires so I use the maximum rated air pressure. I don't put enough miles on any of my trailers to worry about excessive center tread wear and running a bit too high pressure seems a lot safer to me than running a bit too low.

The vehicle manufacturer's pressure ratings for automobile tires are based on the loads front/rear those tires are subject to as well as compromises in ride quality and vehicle handling. Also, those pressure recommendations are only good for the model tires the vehicles came equipped from the factory I've been told from the service department at the dealership which makes sense.

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Posted on 07/09/11 - 9:58 AM

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As usual, I like the way CES approaches these situations. Do it right on the front end and not worry about it later.
Have only had one trailer tire failure, half way from Rock Port to Austin. I was grateful to have a spare and a jack. Still took a bit to change it on the side of the road. Then I realized that the second spare I had thrown into the truck really made me feel a lot better about the whole thing.
We will not always have that ability, but when available!!

Thanks for the RV tire life reminder. It is time to change a set of tires.

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Posted on 07/09/11 - 1:29 PM
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Depending on the size, some of the 8 & 12 inch tires are cheap enough to buy already mounted on new rims. After checking the take-offs for dry rot and weather checking you can hang on to them for use as spares in a pinch.

I had a utility trailer at one time that came with the 8 ply hefty duty tires and absolutely hated them. Keep in mind a utility trailer usually travels empty for half the trip to the lumber company. It was fine when loaded but like a bouncing ball when empty. I may just do the 8 ply like CES for under my boat.

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Posted on 07/09/11 - 5:37 PM
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When setting up my trailer for new tirs, I went to a local CAT weigh station. For $11 I had 2 weighs; first w/tow vehicle on one scale and the trailer & boat on the other, The second was with the trailer and boat only. It took 10 minutes and was well worth it. It showed that I had the wrong tires on the trailer for the load. CAT weigh station are all along the interstates where ever their is a truck stop.

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